A Nest of Tests

James Lyndsay, @workroomprds

UKSTAR, London February 2017


Please do play together, if you want to.

Ask questions – don't be polite.

Here are some examples, exercises and tools

Testing a component – extending Jasmine

Bostock's Will it Shuffle (slight mod) - try this on different browsers

A Thousand Tiny Tests | part 2

Million Years exercise

Frequency exercise

Copy / Paste – use Excel | Google sheets. Here's the first 10000 unicode characters

Examples : Copy/Paste Gamut
Odd Math initial | investigation

ColourChecker - unit tests, bulk tests

Machine Q

Data visualisation exercise

Responder exercise

Raw graphing tool by densitydesign.

Max Woolf's Naughty Strings GitHub repository

Web-based Generate Data by Ben Keen. Here's an unrestricted version on my server.

Other people's stuff – primarily visualisation

Mike Bostock: particularly Visualizing Algorithms

Bret Victor: particularly Three Steps Up in The Ladder of Abstraction

Explained Visually

Amit Patel's red blob games blog, particularly Introduction to A*

Jack Schaedler's Circles Sines and Signals on Fourier transforms

A collection of examples about Space-time Cubes

Joe Xu's Visual pathfinding algorithm demonstration.

Sébastien Loisel's 'Numerical JavaScript

Ben Frederickson's Interactive Tutorial on Numerical Optimization

Daniel Shiffman's The Nature of Code book / site.

Matt Holt's Papa Parse for CSV manipulation

Nicky Case's curated list of Exploreable Explanations

Ian Johnson's curated list of projects and links about algorithm visualization.

Edward Tufte's books and web stuff

Visual Data Tools' excellent DataGraph

James Lyndsay, Workroom Productions

@workroomprds, +447904158752

Bored? Go try puzzles 15, 16, 17, 18, 26.

Previously at: XP2016 (Edinburgh, May 2016), ATD2015 (Potsdam, Nov 2015), EuroSTAR2015 (Maastricht, Nov 2015)